Where are the Animals? Educational app for children [iOS, Android]


Where are the Animals? Educational app for children [iOS, Android]

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”Where are the Animals?” is a fun & cute educational animal app for kids that will help your toddler or baby improve fine motor skills, logic reasoning and perception.
Game asks player to find a specific animal (such as a cow, a dog etc.). When found, player is rewarded with a real animal sound and with a small animation. Animals are randomized so every game is an unique experience!

“Where are the Animals?” teaches names of animals, including cute and funny animated animals and natural animal sounds. This app will let you have fun and discover new animals and animals sounds and names. This application contains big collections of animals living in the farm, woodland, zoo, jungle, sea and savannah.

Educational features:
- Train attention
- Develop memory
- Expand vocabulary
- Learn animals in English
- Improve motor skills
- Improve logic reasoning
- Improve perception

General Features:
- App speaks english
- Real animal sounds
- Correctly pronounced animal names
- Very easy to learn
- Cute cartoon animals
- Cute and funny animal sounds to listen!
- 50 animals in 6 scenarios

Optimised for children:
- Assistance and instructions are spoken
- Simplified interface
- No advertising
- Parental control

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