Wearing Height Increasing Shoes For Basketball!


Wearing Height Increasing Shoes For Basketball!

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Wearing Height Increasing Shoes For Basketball! | Playing Basketball in Height Increasing/Adjusting Shoes! | What’s up everyone, we’re back with another video! Today’s video is playing ball in shoes that make you taller! Everyone wants to be taller on the court, so do these shoes work and are they good for basketball? Let me know what you think!

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►Video Key►
Preview: 0:00
Intro: 0:21
Test: 2:33
Review: 6:35
Looks and Initial Thoughts: 7:22
Size and Comfort: 9:02
Traction: 10:16
Materials: 10:46
Support and Lockdown: 11:49
Price: 12:19
Overall: 12:49
Shoutouts: 13:57

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Shot by Tony Ha and Erin Tsang

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