Top 25 Awkward Moments! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ


Top 25 Awkward Moments! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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The most awkward moments where people create uncomfortable situations for themselves. Also, please try not to cringe.
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Top 25 awkward moments:
#25 Awkward seagull handshake.
#24 Guy stuck on wall spikes.
#23 Awkward first date. Guy is sitting there while girl keeps texting on her phone.
#22 Dad embarrassing daughter when dropping her off at school.
#21 Two girls fall and land in an awkward position.
#20 Polish first lady skips Trump's handshake.
#19 Justin Bieber hits head against glass door.
#18 Girl totally ignores his high five.
#17 Shirtless man removed from basketball hoop.
#16 Guy gets kiss cam denied at CS:GO Epicenter.
#15 Indian wedding fail, Groom's pants fall.
#14 Davenport University student backflip graduation commencement fail.
#13 Worker in the church interrupts pastor prayer speech with candles.
#12 Alexis Normand fails to sing the American National Anthem.
#11 Guy gets kiss cam denied at Gears Pro Circuit Mexico City.
#10 Man fails to give handshake to athlete with one arm.
#9 Alabama rapper attempts to freestyle on live tv, but freezes.
#8 Mexican Andy gets rejected by girl.
#7 God Bless America voice crack fail.
#6 Awkward interview about inflatables and Mr. Wacky.
#5 Man falls on election night trying to follow reporter.
#4 Awkward marriage proposal fail.
#3 Award-winner "lekker spelen" almost pukes on stage (this is staged).
#2 Longhorn band and marching band fails.
#1 Brother as best man speech fail.

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