The VERY BEST Of Falling Over (Prank / Falling In Public) [HD]


The VERY BEST Of Falling Over (Prank / Falling In Public) [HD]

Video Channel: Jamie Trolling

This Video Is The Best Of The Best Prank Falling Video Anywhere. I've Put Together All Of The Best And Funniest Prank Falling Moments Since Time Began LOL. No But Seriously, I Have Edited Together The Clips That I Believe Are The Funniest Prank / Pratfalls EVER.

The Video Contains The Following People

Me [0000MGS0000]

As I said above, these are the people who I have found the funniest, and I have edited together all the bits that I have found the funniest. There are video's like falling madness 1 - 10 from JStuStudios, Carting by PublicPrank and RippedNerds. AdrianVanOyen's 'Can't Stop Falling Prank', AndrewSchrock (The Falling Skate Boarder) And many many more.

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Also leave a comment letting us know what your favourite fall was and why?

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