Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Brutal Speedrun 2:22:56 (Former World Record)


Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Brutal Speedrun 2:22:56 (Former World Record)

Video Channel: ZPR


Any% single segment speedrun of the Wings of Liberty Campaign.
Lots of improvements over the old strats Dime used, most notably on Welcome to the Jungle where about 3 minutes (game time) are cut off with a strat that's much easier to pull off.
Deaths on The Moebius Factor and Shatter the Sky and further big time loss on the latter as well as Whispers of Doom hurt a lot so sub 2:20 is definitely possible.
Note that some of the improvement over the old record is due to faster loads but in-game time is still around 4½ game minutes faster.

Mission times (divide by 1.375 for real time):
Liberation Day - 2:24
The Outlaws - 4:47
Zero Hour - 20:12
Smash and Grab - 6:18
The Devil's Playground - 4:03
Welcome to the Jungle - 4:17
The Great Train Robbery - 20:01
Cutthroat - 7:24
Ghost of a Chance - 5:05
The Dig - 27:59
Whispers of Doom - 7:57
A Sinister Turn - 6:21
Echoes of the Future - 3:48
The Moebius Factor - 5:02 (+1:53 for 2 deaths)
Supernova - 5:44
Maw of the Void - 3:26
The Gates of Hell - 5:45
Shatter the Sky - 7:13 (+2:37 for the death)
All In - 30:08

Total in-game time including reloads: 3:02:24 (game time), 2:12:39 (real time)

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