Speed Test : iPhone 5S - iOS 12.1.1 Final vs iOS 12.1 (Build 16C50)


Speed Test : iPhone 5S - iOS 12.1.1 Final vs iOS 12.1 (Build 16C50)

Video Channel: iAppleBytes

FINALLY ! After 20 days Apple finally releases iOS 12.1.1. I am pretty sure this is the first time we have seen that long between Betas / or between last beta and final release. Wonder what was up. Most common theory was that were were waiting for WatchOS to be finished (and to include the ECG feature) But as of right now it is yet to be released.

But I am happy to see iOS 12.1.1 and be able to do some videos again.

When I am finished with the speed test videos I will start on the battery test video, I will shoot Thursday and Friday, and edit Saturday. So if all goes well it will be released Saturday after 1PM EST.

Remember to subscribe, studies show that subscribers iPhones are
faster than non-subscribers. Now you know.


Jeremy Blake

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