Sky Girl Makeup Dreamwork - Android gameplay lemonbab Movie apps free kids TV film


Sky Girl Makeup Dreamwork - Android gameplay lemonbab Movie apps free kids TV film

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Sky Princess Dressup - Dreamwork

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Girls, there are three flight sky girls who have just finished a flight mission,They look very listless, very tired, and the dark rim of the eyes are heavy.Now they need a relax and sleep,but they received a new mission. Time is tight, so please quickly help a stewardess you like, dress up. Use your superb makeup technology and unique aesthetic standards to help her create a new look. Then help her organize the draw-bar box and clean up the table to let them jump into new tasks with ease and pleasure.

1. Deeply clean the face skin, then make a facial mask and eyes mask to fade dark circles and fine lines on the face. Wash and dry her hair. Finally,Trim messy eyebrows and apply lotion and essence.
2.Choose your favorite eye contacts, eyeliner, and eyeshadow to create a perfect eye makeup for her, then help her apply blush and lipstick.Choose accessories and hairstyles for her.
3.The draw-bar box is badly damaged, please repair it immediately. Wipe the dust off the suitcase, glue the cracks, and put on new wheels. Decorate the draw-bar box according to your favorite color print, etc.
4.Help her clean the table.Collect the trash, organize your office supplies, and clean up the dirty water. At last, help her stamp the document.
5.Help her make a final arrangement.Match the beautiful clothes, shoes, hats, accessories, etc., and then take some photos,before she head out the door.
6.When she arrived at the destination, help her take photos at different sites.

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