Onward VR - Tutorial / Guide to being Semi-Competent - Pt.1- Basics


Onward VR - Tutorial / Guide to being Semi-Competent - Pt.1- Basics

Video Channel: oVRactive

In the first of the series, RageMaster runs through the basics in this tutorial / guide for Onward VR, the mil-sim FPS shooter. Aimed at newbs, detailing all of the basic controls, weapons handling, grenades, I-Pad functions. As the first in the series, this tutorial also contains RageMaster's best recommended all-round loadout and strats for the use of LMGs. The best LMG to choose, blindfire, prefiring, grenade-throw technique, suppressive fire.

Onward is a VR FPS mil-sim multiplayer shooter by Downpour Interactive, playable on PC with HTC Vive.

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