MoviePass Changed the Passwords of Frequent Users - Collider Live #194


MoviePass Changed the Passwords of Frequent Users - Collider Live #194

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Hey guys, this is just a PSA to check your bank statements regularly. If I did, I would have noticed that I still have MoviePass. You think if I keep it for a few more months that it will somehow be advantageous to have had it? Guys, I’m gonna take the bet and keep it. Maybe I’ll start an Indiegogo to fund one year of keeping MoviePass. Please donate. My password wasn’t changed, but their service has voluntarily been down for a month? Weird stuff. I think I watched at least 30 movies with it, so that’s at more than $450 worth, so I shouldn’t complain too much? Anyways, Collider Live, Friday, yada yada, listen to my music, Mark Reilly and Dorina Arellano and John Rocha and Nathan Hamill and Cody Hall and Alex Marzoña (it me!) are here, but have you heard my music yet?

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00:00 what day is it? Nathan is back! Cats, history buffs, old people using the internet
11:41 get Nathan’s new shirt!
17:08 the Rey is Shmi theory
23:51 LAPD investigating Youtube dog abuser
30:30 a Yankees-White Sox game will be played at the Field of Dreams field, Nathan hasn’t seen it; Young Guns II talk
34:41 MoviePass changed people’s passwords
45:00 Michelle Williams officially on board for Venom 2; Andy Serkis is cool
53:29 calls - weekend plans, possible Episode IX ending

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