Mission 4 The Devil's Playground ALL ACHIEVEMENTS | Wings of Liberty SC II Campaign | Brutal 2019


Mission 4 The Devil's Playground ALL ACHIEVEMENTS | Wings of Liberty SC II Campaign | Brutal 2019

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The Devil's Playground is the other mission that can be accessed after finishing The Evacuation. A man called Tosh contacts Raynor, asking for his help in a business venture. He's been tasked to mine minerals on Redstone III, a volcanic planet, and he asks for Raynor's help in doing it.

You can build Reapers starting from this mission.

Primary Objectives
Mine 8000 minerals.

As you can see I played like I was half asleep here - really low APM and didnt even control group properly. Well, thats because I really was half asleep. Which shows how easy it is to get ALL ACHIEVEMENTs in this mission even on BRUTAL.

The key is to NOT rush your mining in the beginning, instead get your defenses up and mine one place at a time with escorts. Mine enough to build an army mixed with mostly marines and medics and throw in a few marauders. You dont really need a lot of reapers. Only build a few for the brutalisk achievement and to jump around cliffs to collect minerals.

Once you have a big enough army (30+supply), kill one zerg base at a time. Once you clear all the zerg bases they will no longer attack you and you can sip coffee, put your leg on your table and mine as much mineral you like.

(If you cant time your reapers right for the brutalisk achievement, you can build supply depots on the lava and lower them so brutalisk and your reapers can pass. Once brutalisk is on the other side you can simply raise the depots to trap it in the lava field so it will die on the next lava rise)

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