Memes Images New Funny Clip Facebook Memes En Ingles ⓕ


Memes Images New Funny Clip Facebook Memes En Ingles ⓕ

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All about funny memes in this channel. “Facebook Memes” is the worldwide producer videos of best memes ever

You will enjoy of these funny memes pictures , funny things Or animal memes

The world of the internet among its multitude of users some really funny in view of our eyes, so today it is time to meet the most funny memes and the most hilarious memes, pictures that with their mere visualization they capture the attention of the whole world.

FACEBOOK MEMES releases, whatsapp memes A meme is, in theories about cultural diffusion, the theoretical unity of cultural information transmissible from one individual to another, or from one mind to another, or from one generation to the next. It is a neologism coined by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene (The Selfish Gene), by the phonetic similarity with gene -gen in English language- and to point out the similarity with memory and mimesis.

Meme (Internet meme) is a term used in the Internet world to describe an idea or symbol that is transmitted in an explosive way through Internet media (email, social network, blog, news and other services).

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