Martin Garrix Masterclass [Full] | ADE Sound Lab XL 18.10.17 @ DeLaMar Theater


Martin Garrix Masterclass [Full] | ADE Sound Lab XL 18.10.17 @ DeLaMar Theater

Video Channel: DAVE ROOK

I saw that a lot of people could not enter the Martin Garrix Masterclass during the Amsterdam Dance Event 2017. So I decided to do my best and Record as much as possible to share it with the whole producer community out there . If i have the chance to help, im gonna take this chance. I swear my arm was basically dying hahah But in my opinion it turned out pretty well ! Have fun with it and yeah, i hope you can learn something with this video ..

Also a big thank you to the whole Garrix Team for making this possible .. You cant't imagine how helpful this Masterclass was for me. You guys are awesome ! #garrixer

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