IX (Nine) Early & High Round Strategy Guide - Black Ops 4 Zombies


IX (Nine) Early & High Round Strategy Guide - Black Ops 4 Zombies

Video Channel: sulky118

Side Note, you can't really do the 2 spawn strat effectively in the early rounds without monkeys and obviously if you take monkeys you lose wraith fires forever.

Early Round strat's SPH - 9-10
(Never had to run traps for a full round to get high round sph)
Boss - Every 3-9 Rounds
Fire Pits - Every 2 Rounds
Bonus Round - Every 3-4 Rounds
Bandolier Bandit gives the RPG 8 more rockets.

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Health Cap:
So the zombies currently have a health cap after I'm presuming round 50 on Normal Difficulty.

What's SPH?
Seconds Per Hoard, is used to calculate the average time it takes to kill a hoard of zombies (24 Zombies), therefore determines the speed of a strategy.

Why Cartoon mode?
Activating cartoon mode helps stop blue screening as it lowers the graphics which makes it easier for your PS4 to run therefore decreasing the chance of blue screening. However there are still triggers that can cause early blue screens.

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