How To Tell If Your Horse Is In Season (On Heat)


How To Tell If Your Horse Is In Season (On Heat)

Video Channel: Way Out West Blow-in blog

YouTube took this video down last week, without warning or any specific reason given. We honestly don't know why and although we wrote three times to ask they haven't explained beyond that it was 'in breach of community guidelines' - which are unhelpfully vague. They took away all the views this video had accumulated (a lot) and (we assume) all the income too. It was shocking and disappointing - not a nice way to treat your partners.

Another odd thing was that there was a note on the original notice saying the video was not banned and that we could re-upload it. So we are.

We hope that any person who knows our channel will see that we are not sensationalist in any way, nor are we prurient or extreme. We keep animals of all sorts and we make videos about them - to amuse and to educate. We have many children and young people coming here to ride the therapy horses and donkeys, hold the rabbits and lambs and stroke the dogs. They are learning about how to treat animals kindly and gently and how similar they are to us humans. And the children are so interested in all aspects of these animals - the noises they make, how they eat - and, yes, how they have babies. What is wrong with that? Nothing at all, surely.

When it's appropriate we teach them in a straightforward way whatever they are ready to learn. There is no embarrassment, no shame - just genuine interest. Lambs drink milk from their mums, rabbits mate and then have babies - these things are real and wonderful and certainly not something to hide away.

And this video is just another in our series on animals and gardening and beekeeping and cooking - life on our small farm in Ireland. We hope it is useful to anyone who has horses and ponies or would like to have them. It is a genuine attempt to show people what we have learned - as all our videos are. And of course, if you don't want to look at 'this sort of thing' then don't!

Please YouTube people, don't take this down again. Or, if you do, please please explain why. We work very hard on our videos and building our channel. Some videos cost money to make and all take time (some take months!). We rely on the income we get from YouTube to help us pay the bills. We treat it like a part-time job and we need the part-time income it generates. It's just not fair to break up our hard work and take our money for no good reason. Thanks for reading.

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