Habitats Song


Habitats Song

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A song to help kids learn about some of earth's habitats.
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Song by Joanna and Matt Pace
Video animated by Jorge Edel Trujillo: http://www.multimediajet.com
Additional animation by Kelsey Christensen
Performed by Matt Pace
Title animation by Brenden Nelson: http://www.brendennelson.com

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I am an explorer of this beautiful Earth,
From the jungle to the polar caps
There are so many different homes for living things,
And we call them habitats

A forest is made up of trees and animals
Oxygen and water are the norm
Temperate means it goes through different seasons
And tropical means it’s very wet and warm

A forest is a home for living things,
And it’s one of the habitats

Grasslands can have many titles
Pampas, prairies, savannas, or steppes
And just like forests, they can be
Tropical or temperate

A grassland is a home for living things,
And it’s one of the habitats

Freshwater can be a marsh or river,
A wetland, a swamp, or a lake
And freshwater can be ideal
For insects, for beavers and snakes

Freshwater is a home for living things,
And it’s one of the habitats

The poles include the arctic and antarctic
Both are very dry and cold
And animals need blubber or hibernation
If they want to live around the poles

A polar biome is a home for living things,
And it’s one of the habitats

A desert’s dry and doesn’t have much water
Some species live by storing it inside
Some hide beneath the sand when it gets hotter
And come out in the open when it’s night

A desert is a home for living things,
And it’s one of the habitats

The ocean is vast, and it’s all saltwater
With jellyfish, whales, and sharks
From the coral reef in the shallow parts
To the deep, where it’s always dark

The ocean is a home for living things,
There are even more homes for living things
So many different homes for living things
And we call them habitats

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