From Now On (from "The Greatest Showman") Musicality Cover


From Now On (from "The Greatest Showman") Musicality Cover

Video Channel: Musicality

For our 10th Anniversary, we decided to invite back ALL the alumni throughout the history in the group. Although not all of them were available, we are so proud of all of our amazing members and alum, and this song is a special tribute to them. 50 members past and present total were able to sing together and create this cover!

Thank you to the following performers:
Soloists (in order):
Michael Gibson (Director)
Kyla Gabka
Aaron Estrada
Rocio Ortega
Jesse Mares
Ian Boyd
Rahman Thomas
Anna Huang
Ignacio Carrillo
Reggie Woods
Sarah Kingsbury
Ashley Vales
Theresa Reyes
Thomas Fanelli
Violetta Chyc
Philip Xu
Jocelyn Sanchez

Nicole Rodriguez
Eric Bonner
Vanessa Velazquez

Other Singers-
Ernesto Martinez
Norberto Chavez
Lauren Johnson
Aykiyah Roach
Fay-Ling Laures
Kelly Wu
Ulises Villa
Rex Sohanaki
Marlix Ramos
Rossner Soto
Jane Perez
Ruby Chavez
Justin White
Erika Tapia
Mariah Erving
Paulina Rios
Diana Plascencia
Miguel Trejo

Vocals Only-
Vanswa Garbutt
Viviani Valadez
Christian Anguiano
Roxy Andrade
Diveana Rosas
Edwin Cabrera
Edrass Chavez
Angel Gama
Andy Chu
Quentin Deppe

Song by Justin Paul & Benj Pasek
Arranged by Michael Gibson
Filmed by Michael Gibson, Eric Bonner, and Kyla Gabka
Vocals Engineered/Edited by Michael Gibson and Kyla Gabka
Video Editing by Michael Gibson and Aykiyah Roach

From Now O