Darling, You're Mine - Short Film Sexual Abuse


Darling, You're Mine - Short Film Sexual Abuse

Video Channel: Vilde Eide

Set in USA in the 1950s, Marleen Milligan comes from a family that values women to become perfect housewives, but Marleen is set on making a career as an actress. She is given the opportunity of a lifetime when landing the lead role in a feature film with an American production company that is traveling to Africa to shoot. The path of fulfilling her dream is challenged when the director of the film, a 60- year old male, is slowly pushing her limits by sexually abusing her and manipulates her into an unprofessional relationship.


Student short film made at AFDA Film School.

Director - Vilde Eide
Writer - Vilde Eide
Co-writer - Alex Andipatin
Executive Producer - AFDA
Associate Producer - Tina Shruti Karlsen
Cinematographer - Vebjørn Skaseth Ørpen
Production Designer - Kristin Møgster
Costume, Make-up and Styling - Kristin Møgster
Editor - Victor Larsen
Sound Design - Zenande Twalo
Composer - Zenande Twalo

Marleen Milligan - Emily Adair
Joseph Malone - D David Morin
Ralph Adams - Justin Wyatt-Smith
Larry Smith - Mark Sykes

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