Bad Boys filming with extras found at the beach!


Bad Boys filming with extras found at the beach!

Video Channel: BACKGRID TV

Will Smith is seen helping an injured Joe Pantoliano on set for Bad Boys 4 in Miami, FL. Will is seen with the makeup crew as he cleans up after a scene.

The film crew from the upcoming Will Smith movie series "Bad Boys 3" were filmed as they asked some lucky beach goers who just happened to be at the beach if they wanted to be in the movie. Most were thrilled to be impromptu extras and joined the movie set as they filled up many cabanas that were set up along the beach. Many sexy women in bikinis are seen being instructed what to do and to be careful of the fast cars driving along the beach as they filmed the action packed thriller sequel titled Bad Boys 3, or "Bad Boys For Life." It's unknown if they were paid or signed anything, which is usually standard procedure for hiring movie extras.

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