ALL Xiaomi Smart Cameras compared!


ALL Xiaomi Smart Cameras compared!

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Dafang camera:
Aqara Gateway camera:
Mijia 1080P Camera:
Xiaofang Camera (EU & US) :
Xiaofang camera :
ChuangMi camera:
Mijia 360 (720P) :
Mijia 360 AI Camera:

Check out the full footage and audio comparison video here:

In this full overview video, we are going to compare every Smart Security camera that Xiaomi has in store. All of these cameras connect over WiFi and all of them can be set up, and remotely monitored, from within the Mi Home APP.

When looking for such a camera, all of their specs and similarities can be quite overwhelming. So let's put all of these cameras to the test and let's compare every single one of them!

In this video I will cover all the currently supported cameras: the YI "Small Ant", Mijia 1080P, Xiaofang, ChuangMi, Mijia PTZ (720P), Mijia AI PTZ (1080P), Dafang PTZ and the beta version of the 'upcoming' Aqara gateway camera.

Whilst doing my research and making this review, I have learned a lot about these cameras. -Including several things that I really did not expect, so it was really fun to do!

I think that this probably turned out to be the most complete overview of these smart IP cameras and it really took me quite some time to make this one. So I really hope you'll enjoy this one, and I hope it will make your choice a little bit easier!

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