20 Fun Facts about Ollie + Update | Stray Cat Living His New Life Indoors


20 Fun Facts about Ollie + Update | Stray Cat Living His New Life Indoors

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Hi Friends!

Thank you again to everyone following along in Ollie's journey. It really means so much to me to read all those supportive comments. As a big thank you to you guys, I thought it was time for an Ollie update video! Instead of a traditional update video, i'll be doing a 20 fun facts video about Ollie. Hope you guys like it!


Here's a recap + combination of topics I discussed in my last video/comments/description:

❀ Ollie had a routine check up done at the Vet
❀ He has gotten all his shots
❀ Is 100% Flea Free!!!
❀ Has been neutered

I went through all the necessary steps in order to try and see if he had a home-
❀ I took him back outside first thing in the morning and walked around the neighborhood with him to see if he would recognize anything.
❀ I also took him to the vet right after that to check for a microchip, he didn’t have one.
❀ I discussed all the steps with the Vet for finding a stray (I posted on social media, checked all the social media apps to see if anyone posted about a lost cat, scanned for a chip, and asked neighbors.

While Ollie was very sweet and non feral, he did exhibit signs of being a stray-
❀ He was not neutered (was spraying throughout my house when I brought him in- which showed that he was not an indoor cat, also it would’ve have been reckless of the “owner” to leave him outside as a non neutered male cat)
❀ Was not litter box trained
❀ Was covered in fleas
❀ Had numerous scars throughout his body, and had a large wound on his tail
❀ I found one post on NextDoor that showed a picture of a cat that looked exactly like him around the same area I found him posted 2 months prior, so he was out there for at least 2+ months.
❀ It was also the middle of winter when I found him, so I did what any human would do, and took him in.

I have taken all the steps I could think of to try and find his home, but as of right now, He has been given all his shots, flea medicine, a bath, and a loving home. Whether or not he previously had an owner, he is currently being loved and taken care of by me and my family. He is safe and sound, and that’s all that matters right now.

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